Covid-19 Update

In line with British Cycling Covid-19 guidance, it is now possible for WWCC to recommence a limited range of cycling activities – these include group and training rides where the total size of the group does not exceed 6.

Groups must also adhere to social distancing requirements as directed by the Government.

All events must have a log of attendees (either taken by the leader or logged in advance on Whatsapp) for track and trace purposes.

As with every part of current daily life, if you do not feel comfortable with any of the aspects of joining a ride group, please don’t do it.

No one should consider riding in a group if they remain within a ‘shielded’  or high-risk group or if they are showing symptoms / currently self-isolating.

After consulting current regulations, the committee have complied a RISK ASSESSMENT document. Please do read and familiarise yourself with it’s content.