Winchester Movement Strategy

On Thursday this week I attended a meeting of an action group in Winchester entitled ” Taking cycling seriously ”

The group is made up of individuals and groups within the city, with a combined agenda to improve access to and the quality of, cycling in and around Winchester. The workshop threw up many good ideas and hypothetical solutions to Winchesters transport problems but there is a long way to go before anything practical comes out of it –

BUT as part of the meeting we had a presentation from a planning officer from Winchester City council. He informed us the city is just about to make a ‘movement plan ‘ for the next 20 years!

“The Movement Strategy will set out an agreed vision and long term goals for traffic and transport improvements in Winchester over the next 20 to 30 years. It will provide a framework from which we can develop detailed proposals and specific target measures.

To develop the strategy, we need to understand our shared aspirations for the city,  so that we can set priorities for the future. We also need to consider what practical measures could help us to achieve these priorities. Initial scoping work has identified these aims:

  • supporting growth and economic vibrancy
  • improving air quality
  • achieving the right balance between different types of traffic”

The first stage of this process is an open consultation ( October – December) – As a Winchester resident / road user this is your chance to have a say on how the city will work in the future for you and your family.

Please, please have your say – it takes about 10 minutes to do